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Smoked salmon roulade

Smoked salmon roulade

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  • 1 k smoked salmon
  • 400 g Bresc Freshly chopped shallot
  • 1 dl cream (at least 35% fat)
  • 20 Christmas tomatoes (in different colours)
  • 4 cucumber ribbons
  • 4 salty fingers
  • 4 sprigs chives
  • Nasturtium

Preparation method

Fry the shallot, drain in a round sieve, pressing down well with a spoon. Add the cream and reduce the amount to one third. Puree finely. Allow the shallot cream to firm in the fridge.
Skin the tomatoes. Chop the chives into pieces. Roll up the cucumber ribbons and shape them into little towers. Place the salmon on a chopping board and spread the shallot cream on it. Roll it up to make a roulade and allow it to firm in the fridge. Cut the roulade into slices of varying thickness. Garnish with the coloured tomatoes, nasturtiums, cucumber towers and salty fingers.

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